Tuesday, 4 January 2011

First Haul Of 2011

I normally hate going to the sales, i'm not one for all the pushing and grabbing. I'm also a bit of an germ freak too (i'm that person who ALWAYS has anti-bacterial hand gel on them...) so all that close contact is not my idea of fun. BUT my christmas money was burning a hole in my pocket and i had nothing else to do with my time so i thought i'd brave them this year.
Heres what i've picked up over the last couple of days.

The topshop sale by me was really disappointing, most of it just appeared to be left over from the summer sale (what makes them think we'd want it now if we didn't want it then...). However, i managed to find a few roses among the thorns.
I've been after a new winter coat for the last couple of months but i've been put off by the prices but this duffle cape was £40 and it was the last one so i took it as a sign! I really like the shape of it, i think it's quite flattering as it hides all the lumps and bumps... i'm not sure if it suits me though. What do you all make of the cape trend?

I then spotted this lovely fluffy jumped in with the summer stuff (it was again the last one). I liked this when it was full price but couldn't really afford it so i'd had my fingers crossed it would go in the sale. It was reduced from £40 down to £25 and i haven't taken it off since i got it - this is definitely my favourite find!

Lastly from Topshop i got this stripey crop top, another top i'd been lusting after full price. It was marked down to £10 from £18 :) I'm planning on wearing this with body con skirts and denim shorts.

Next i went to New Look but the sale was too much of a mess and i didn't fancy routing though it so i just picked up this leopard print peter pan collar tunic (£16.99). I've never been brave enough to embrace leopard print fully so this is perfect for me. I can't wait to wear it!

OOH i almost forgot about my paperchase goodies! Even though i have no need for new stationary i couldn't resist! I paid for £7.30
for both of these. I plan to use the pencil case as a small make up bag and i'm going to use the notebook as a food diary. Worth the pennies? I think so!

Last, but not least, i got this bag from River Island. The bags are what i love most about River Island so i squealed with excitement when i saw this one for only £17. It's split into two sections inside and has lots of little pockets perfect for my phone, lipsticks, etc. I love this so much that as soon as i left the shop i swapped everything from my old bag into this one! Over excited much? ha.

My mum also dragged me round ikea the other day so i thought i'd just add in the bits i picked up from there. This duvet cover screams Cath Kidston but for only £15 it was much purse friendly. I think the basket was only about £6 too. Barginlicious!

I'm so happy with my pretty new things but i'm officially all spent out now. Someone find me a new job? Thanks :)
Have you picked up anything lovely in the sales?

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