Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A very belated Halloween Post

I went up to spend the weekend with some friends from University. We ended up going out on the friday night and on actual Halloween so our outfits were just a mismatch of what we could find last minute!

On the friday i went as a creepy doll.

It was quite a simple look i went for, i actually changed my dress last minute as i got a bit body consicous, so i just wore a plain black skater dress, ripped tights and ballet pumps. For make up i covered my face in concealer, added thick black fake eyelashes, bright pink cheeks and used red lipstick to create a heart shaped mouth. To make it a bit more 'halloweeny' i covered myself in fake blood and black body paint. I also mutilated a teddy bear... :)

On the sunday i went as leopard.

Again a really simple look to achieve, i borrowed a black vest top and leopard print skirt and one of my friends housemates had some home made ears and tail. For my face i used a bit of bronzer to make me a bit orange then i used a grey/gold eyeshawdow down the sides of my face and an eyeliner pen to draw on some spots and whiskers. We'd run out of fake blood by this point so i used trusty old red lipstick for some bloody drool!

Here are a couple of pictures of the others, they were chilean miners, roadkill, a corpse bride, crazy scientist, cats, bats, and a ghostbuster!

Im already excited for next year!!!



  1. Ahah I'm going abit comment happy here but me and my friends did dead dolls for Halloween last year ( sounds so weird saying that) too. xxxx