Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Time For Change

(All pictures are from weheartit.com or google images)

I've always struggled with my weight but recently its been getting me down quite a bit so ive decided to do something about it. I feel like im stuck in a bit of a vicious circle and that my appearance is controlling my life.

I've been to see the doctor and i need to loose about a stone to reach my healthy weight - so its an achieveable target! I'm not the type of girl that can starve herself or just live on salad. I'm also currently unemployed so i cant afford to join weight watches or go to the gym. I'm planning on cutting out crisps (these are my form of cigarettes! i cant go a day without eating them!), chocolate, biscuits and other snacky junk foods. For meals times i plan to eat lots of vegtable omlettes, chicken and noodles, fresh pasta, soups, etc. Im also going to allow myself either a small treat a day or a meal off when i can have a low fat pizza or something once a week. I think that if you begrudge yourself everything you like you'll just fail.

This has been a bit of a random post but if anyone knows any tips, healthy recipes or any exercises i can do at home please let me know!

What helps you stay healthy? Or helps you through your diet?



  1. Gosh you look really slim to me.

    I am a 10-12 and I am worried about weight creeping on. I have been just eating healthy too. Its really hard as I am the same as you I love crisps but my biggest downfall is biscuits and chocolate.
    I have been cutting back and will hopefully soon notice a difference.

    Good luck

  2. I've struggled with my body image since i can remember, I do gym at least 2-3 times per week, and i think my biggest downfall isn't what i eat, but when/ how often..I get so dstracted sometimes that it can be a day or so between meals at some points, so i imagine that doesn't do my metabolism much good.

  3. Totally with you on this one..especially the treat one. I've decided for every 5lbs I lose I'm allowing myself a £5 treat. Make-up, Cheap DVD whatever. Just as I don't have much money to spend and its a little motivation :) xxxx