Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Time For Change

(All pictures are from weheartit.com or google images)

I've always struggled with my weight but recently its been getting me down quite a bit so ive decided to do something about it. I feel like im stuck in a bit of a vicious circle and that my appearance is controlling my life.

I've been to see the doctor and i need to loose about a stone to reach my healthy weight - so its an achieveable target! I'm not the type of girl that can starve herself or just live on salad. I'm also currently unemployed so i cant afford to join weight watches or go to the gym. I'm planning on cutting out crisps (these are my form of cigarettes! i cant go a day without eating them!), chocolate, biscuits and other snacky junk foods. For meals times i plan to eat lots of vegtable omlettes, chicken and noodles, fresh pasta, soups, etc. Im also going to allow myself either a small treat a day or a meal off when i can have a low fat pizza or something once a week. I think that if you begrudge yourself everything you like you'll just fail.

This has been a bit of a random post but if anyone knows any tips, healthy recipes or any exercises i can do at home please let me know!

What helps you stay healthy? Or helps you through your diet?


Nails Inc: Jermyn Street

This months issue of Glamour comes with a free Nails Inc polish worth £11. Ive wanted to try this brand for a while but couldn't bring myself to spend that much of my much needed student loan on a nail polish!

I picked up Jermyn Street & i love it! I was after a colour that would see me through autumn/winter and it makes a nice change from my standard red nails.

Ive applied one coat here (no top coat) and the colours still really strong, ive had it on two days now too and theres no chipping! Ive seen that people arent too keen on the Nails Inc brushes but i think it does the job fine. The colour reminds me a bit of Eyekos Posh Polish which i also love.
Im dont think ill be giving up my models own/barry m polishes to switch to Nails Inc any time soon but id still recommend! :)

There are 4 different colours to choose from, which one did you pick?


A very belated Halloween Post

I went up to spend the weekend with some friends from University. We ended up going out on the friday night and on actual Halloween so our outfits were just a mismatch of what we could find last minute!

On the friday i went as a creepy doll.

It was quite a simple look i went for, i actually changed my dress last minute as i got a bit body consicous, so i just wore a plain black skater dress, ripped tights and ballet pumps. For make up i covered my face in concealer, added thick black fake eyelashes, bright pink cheeks and used red lipstick to create a heart shaped mouth. To make it a bit more 'halloweeny' i covered myself in fake blood and black body paint. I also mutilated a teddy bear... :)

On the sunday i went as leopard.

Again a really simple look to achieve, i borrowed a black vest top and leopard print skirt and one of my friends housemates had some home made ears and tail. For my face i used a bit of bronzer to make me a bit orange then i used a grey/gold eyeshawdow down the sides of my face and an eyeliner pen to draw on some spots and whiskers. We'd run out of fake blood by this point so i used trusty old red lipstick for some bloody drool!

Here are a couple of pictures of the others, they were chilean miners, roadkill, a corpse bride, crazy scientist, cats, bats, and a ghostbuster!

Im already excited for next year!!!