Sunday, 14 March 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New

I've just been having a browse on some of my favourite websites and I've found so many pretty things that I want! Theres such nice stuff out at the minute. If only I could afford it all :( I'm planning on sorting out all my clothes/shoes/accessories this week and then either giving them to charity or putting them on ebay. I've got so much stuff that I've brought on impulse that either doesn't suit me or didn't fit and was purely brought in the hope that one day it would. I'll let you know when I've put some stuff on ebay so you can have a nose, there might be something in my collection thats just right for you :)

Vest top - Miss Selfridge, Heart Shorts - Topshop, Earrings - ASOS

I'd quite like to try this outfit. I haven't worn shorts in a long time, especially a pair with a bold print like these. I normally stick to simple dresses and plain tops and skirts so this could be a nice change without being to out there! I think it would be quite an easy outfit to take from day to night too, I'd wear it with a denim jacket, pumps or gladiator sandals for the day and then add platform heels, statement jewellery and a big clutch bag for night.

What do you think?


Monday, 8 March 2010

Signature Scent

I've developed a bit of thing for perfumes recently. I used to just pick a bottle based on how pretty it looked or what was on offer but now I find myself reaching for bottles that reflect how I'm feeling.
Here's what my collection looks like at the minute...

I find myself reaching for Vera Wang when I'm feeling girly, Marc Jacobs when the sun is shining, Dolce&Gabbana when I'm off on a date, Valentino for a big night out and Clinique when I'm feeling a bit down, the bottle instantly perks me up! I love the flower design on it!

I don't think I've got a collection quite big enough to match my every mood just yet so here is my wish list...

What are your favourite perfumes?


Monday, 1 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland

'White Rabbits, White Rabbits!'

Does anybody else say that on the first day of a new month? Or is it just me? I don't know what its like in the rest of the UK (I hear its all snow and floods) but here in the bubble that is North Wales it's super sunny, feels like spring is finally here :D

I'm so excited about the release of Disney's new Alice in Wonderland film and I'm loving all the Alice in Wonderland inspired products that are around at the moment. Here are a couple of my favourites:

Rare - Fantasy Print Vest

I'm actually wearing this top today with jeggings and some pumps. I managed to get mine in the sale for £10 at a Topshop in Canterbury just after christmas but I think its still available on asos.com for £24.

Urban Decay - Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows £28

I'm not usually one for colour, I tend to wear neutral colours in the day and black for the evening but this Alice in Wonderland palette might encourage me to change my ways...

Pandora Tea Cup Charm £20

I love the pandora charm bracelets, I was given one for christmas but I don't have many charms for it yet. This one reminded me so much of the infamous tea party and is now definately on my wish list!

Hope you like them as much as I do!