Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The one where it's all new and exciting...

About me

I'm a 20 year old psychology student and im currently in my final year at university (scary stuff!!) I only discovered blogging about two weeks ago while i was procrastinating and now i can't get enough! Feeling inspired i thought i'd give my own a go. I'll try to keep my blog updated with fashion thoughts, my own outfits,style icons, wish lists, product reviews and just general ramblings. So where better to start than by letting you know a bit more about little old me...


Consumer Psychology, friends (the people and the t.v series!), fashion magazines, my ipod complete with an array of music, photos,travelling, nights out, Pandora charms, individuality, scarfs, platform heels, pug dogs, fairy lights, the summer, topshop, benefit make up, nail polish, asos.com, sex and the city, tunic tops and leggings, lollipops, the colour pink and anything vintage and girly!


Touchscreen phones, dieting, revision, having low self esteem, rain, arrogant males and plastic looking girls, being ill and being a skint student.

I've seen a few people doing handbag posts so i thought id finish with a quick pic of what i carry with me on a daily basis...

Thanks for reading, please leave comments - i'd love to hear what you think! xo


  1. LOVE all of your likes, and I HATE touch screen phones too (go blackberrys)! how scary is it being a final year?? i'm terrified! where are you at uni? good luck with the work and welcome to blogging! xxxx ps. LOVE your handbag!

  2. welcome to the bloggersphere :)

  3. Look forward to your future posts :) Mon Mode Blog

  4. oohhh i want to do a handbag post but theres not enough time! pmsl

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